Homegrown Tacos

My mother (Sue) is the proud planter and tender of a very exstensive garden.   Sue left the state last week and asked if I would stop by her house on a daily basis to tend and water the plants in the backyard, the plants on the deck, the herb garden by the driveway, the flowers next to the chimney, the vegetable garden and it’s surrounding flowers, the natural area, the rose garden, the flowers planted along the front of the house and the potted plant on the front porch.  I am not exaggerating.  I tended and watered the yard and garden because I like flowers/vegetables and I love my mother.  For the record I hate yard work.  I HATE YARD WORK.  I’m so happy to live in an apartment where small gnomes come in the night to cut the grass and trim the hedges.   Here in the South some of the leaves are experiencing a premature autumn due to drought and I harbor a wicked elation when I watch the falling leaves and dodge responsibility for raking any of them. 

 Anyway,  I’ve helped my mother in her yard for as long as I can remember so one more week was no big deal.  Besides I made delicious, tasty, mouth-watering vegetable tacos with the excess bounty from her vegetable garden.


Zucchini, squash, green peppers, purple peppers, and garlic in the skillet.  All vegetables from my mother’s garden. . .except the garlic.

Note: Please pardon the absolutely horrid camera pictures.  It’s almost unforgiveable but I promise that my posts will be accompanied by real pictures in the near future.  Well, I guess I can’t promise that but I certainly hope it’s true.


While tending my mother’s NUMEROUS tomato plants I could not stop thinking about that scene in Steel Magnolia’s when “Weeza” gives away bags and bags full of tomatoes and explains, “Well I suppose that is what old Southern women are supposed to do!  Wear funny hats and grow tomatoes!”  However, the similarities between Weeza and my mother stop at “southern” and “tomatoes”.  My mother has a great attitude and she is not old and I don’t think she owns any funny hats.  I could say a lot more about the South, women, hats and tomatoes but this is a food blog not a journal or memoir.


Here is an awful picture of limes, copped homegrown tomatoes, onion, and a little pile of freshly grated parmesan origiano.  My idea for this meal came from reading about elote – a Mexican street food of corn, mayo, chayanne, lime and a chees called “cotija”.  I could not find any cotija for this endeavor but I read that it is similar to parmesan origiano so that is what I bought.  For elote, some people eat the toppings on the cob or you can eat the loose corn from a cup with the toppings mashed around it.  Who knows?  I’ve never even tried it!  I decided to make “elote” tacos with fresh veggies and then I forgot to cook the corn.  Anyway, here is the final product and a recipe.  Oh and by the way, parmesean is not just for Italian food anymore it brought an awesome nutiness to this dish.  Really!


 Homegrown Tacos

 Raid your mothers vegetable garden. Grab everything you can including the tomatoes.

Chop the vegetable (excluding the tomatoes) and heat them up in a skillet with some garlic and maybe a pinch of pepper.

 While the veggies heat through chop the tomatoes, cut up a lime, grate some parmesan.

Scoop the veggies on to a tortilla (I prefer Pepitos)

Garnish with a pinch of cheese, a dash of your favorite hot sauce, a smattering of chopped tomatoes, a wedge of lime and a some fresh cilantro.



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