This was funny. . .

Several people have told me to watch the movie Walk Hard.  I guess it’s supossed to be a spoof on that movie about Johnny Cash?  Whatever. The main character in Walk Hard can’t smell and he makes a big deal about it and everyone around him is all, “What’s the big deal? So you can’t smell, so what?!” and like most things it’s funny because it’s true. Having Anosmia is not a big deal, it doesn’t qualify me for disability, and I’ve convinced myself that my brain uses the space that is normally used for smell memory for more important things like clairvoyance, mind control, or perhaps those brain cells were expendable and that would explain how I made it out of my early 20’s with my intelligence seemingly unscathed.  At any rate, it’s hard to find examples of Anosmia in mass media!

Anosmia in the Media


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