From the Infinite Beyond

Hi, I’ve not blogged about food for awhile. Did ya notice? I have so many food stories and pictures that I am dying to share. I’ve not been busy, or sick of this blog, or not eating – just not posting.  Simply taking a moment to think about my relationship with food instead of writing about my blind  anosmic passion for edible experiences.

However, in my hiatus, I celebrated my first vegetarian Thanksgiving. Amazing curry, vegan butternut risotto(complements of yours truly) out-of-sight tomato pie, salad, cranberry sauce, and white wine by a warm stove. There is nothing quite like cooking in my mother’s kitchen. Someday I’m going to tell tales of college friends who spent the night  on Fall break when she was out of town and they had NO IDEA how to fry an egg in cast iron. It was funny, fire alarms were involved.

I quit eating any meat or fowl after that awful Sarah P*lin turkey slaughter video hit the web. I saw the unscensored Huffington Post version and, no, I won’t post it here – but it changed my perspective on being the “end user” for animal products. So thanks, Sarah P*lin – my arteries thank you. I’ll post more about the “end user” perspective another time, once the trauma wears off.

On an unrelated note (actually, it’s somewhat related), I think about this guy often. My breathren bear, caught with a glass jar around his senses. No hearing, no smell, vision obstructed and I feel like I know him. 




He died this way, with his head in a jar. Looks like the jar once held pickles. I’m sure it’s the sensory deprivation of it all that cuts me so deeply. And who’s the litter bug who cluttered nature with such a large vessel? I’m sorry to share such sad photos but sometimes it’s important to impart pain.

I’ll post again soon, with or without food.



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