The Dream Life of David Chang

Steamed pork buns, pork shoulder with all the trimmings, sustainable ingredients, unstoppable motivation, unparalleled genius – all of these words are used to describe the godfather of the Momofuku empire in New York. I’ve never been to his restaurants, probably never will.

Anna traveled to New York this past week with the mission of seeing Amebix at the Bowery Ballroom.  She made time to visit David Chang’s newest venture MILK.  After sampling crack pie and polenta/blue cheese cake she purchased the gold standard to bring back to me. . .KIMCHI BUTTER!



The trifecta of butter, red pepper, fermented cabbage, and PORK. This is the work of Christina Tosi, Chang’s pastry queen and creator of cereal milk. Te butter is truly awesome and the chunky bits of “the other white meat” possessing this churned delicacy give the spread depth and complexity.  Instead of refrigerating this jar of joy Anna stored it on the brow of this nautical beauty for two nights. . .

steel hull - southport

steel hull - southport

Her friend Josh is the captain of this ship. He lives in the base and guides tourists through the museum section 2 days a week. The Peking  has been docked at the southport museum since 1975 and MY jar of kimchi butter weatherd 48 hours on her deck. So incredibly delicious – even better on banana bread.
don't knock it 'til you've tried it

don't knock it 'til you've tried it


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