First Festival

I went to the Spring Portland Wine and Beer Festival on Saturday.

airstream trailer, vodka tasting

airstream trailer, vodka tasting

This was a lot of fun. I drank a few beers and Old Chub Scottish Style remains a top personal favorite. I also really enjoyed Rouge’s new line of spirits. They are famous for their beer but the Dead Guy Wiskey will definitely be present in my liquor cabinet.

After the festival. . .

Ethiopian Food!

Ethiopian Food!

This was a treat. I never made it to the Ethiopian restaurant in Durham, NC and I have long standing love for injera. Queen of Sheba is so vegetarian friendly. I can’t wait to take visitors! The mustard greens with flax seeds were my pick and I was impressed by the clean flavor and mild spice. The chicken was deliciously spicy in a crisp/green sort of way and cardamon notes rounded out the flavor. I cannot report on the beef or lamb because I didn’t partake.



In 72 hours I will be reunited with the kitchen appliances and cookbooks that I have not seen since November! Cast iron! Juicer! I already have my grocery list planned and I am ready! I’ll post about my new kitchen, I promise.


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