The boys act like they own the world, the women keep their stupid diaries.

I ate at PING the other day. I spilled palm sugar on my shirt and the handsome bartender offered me soda water for the clean up. Ping is basically the ex-boyfriend of Pok Pok, a very attractive ex-boyfriend. Owned by the same innovator, Andy Richter,  Ping diverges from Pok Pok’s “reel you in and nurture you” style.  You are allowed to hang with Pok Pok’s ex because she is a really cool lady who wishes you the best. She’s also glad he chose to locate across the river so she doesn’t have to watch him flirt with you all night.  


Delicious Quail Stain

See that sauce? Picture it on my shirt. . .delicious. The meat and structure of this quail was impressive, juicy and BIG. You take some quail, dunk it in the sauce and then take a bite of raw ginger and pepper.


Toast with Kaya

 Kaya is basically a coconut jam. . .more like a coconut curd? I liked this even though I have no idea why we ordered it, but that is what happens with good-looking ex-boyfriends, you do strange things you can’t explain.


Wild-caught prawn skewer.

For example, I sprinkled the Vietnamese sea salt and pepper on a shrimp and ate the crustacean with the shell still on because I am an ANIMAL. There in so much flavor in the shell. Try it sometime, you have nobody to impress.


Baby octopus skewer.

 These little guys were carefully grilled. . .and they’re addictive. I could not shake this Ping dish from my mind and ate squid for lunch the next day because I have real problems.

I drank a Singapore Sling and something else that I can’t remember. BUT, Ping is the sort of guy who mixes you strong and highly drinkable cocktails. If you want nuance and intrigue, go see Pok Pok.

After dinner I ran around the city with an awakened fervor and zest for life, because Ping is just that attractive.


One response to “The boys act like they own the world, the women keep their stupid diaries.

  1. i love this post and the danielle/clyde commons that precedes it. well said and playful. cheers!

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