Out of the Archives and Into the Fire

Many moons ago, I ate a delicious lunch at Nong’s Khao Man Gai. It was a time before I owned an iPhone, when I still had a job I hated, when it was my first Fall in Portland.  Did you know Spring in Portland feels like Fall on the Eastern Seaboard. All crisp and windy and changey.


I am WAY over on the side of Nong’s cart because there are eleventy people waiting right in front of her window.  They are waiting for Khao Man Gai (that’s ‘chicken rice’ if you speak Thai, which I don’t.)

But its rice steamed with chicken. I tried making it about 5 years ago and it was tasty. It’s a hard dish to RUIN, but also a difficult one to RULE.

Nong definitely rules this dish.

You get some steamy chicken, and liver if you’ll eat anything at least once. It’s all placed on some perfect jasmine rice. A little boat of soybean sauce kicked with garlic, ginger and chiles –  capsize the boat and let the content flavor the dish. Add cucumber slices and cilantro sprigs because it’s not complete without some green crunch.


A bowl of simple soup, an extremely mild flavored broth to sip on the side.


I hear Nong is working on some exciting future plans. I would welcome a vegetarian option because a gal can’t live on liver alone. But really, super tasty simplicity.

Nong’s Khao Man Gai – a really lovely website AND lunch


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