friends and acquaintances are the surest passport to fortune.

Nudi is a little noodle shop in relatively deep SE Portland that I have no business patronizing. Meet your torn and beautiful friends there; the experience will gladly mirror:

Spot Prawn. Get it.

I eat heavily in the summer, I ordered duck.

spinach noodles, cilantro, scallion, errant peanut

As far as this restaurant is concerned, your waitress may or may not be wearing pants; pay it no mind.

Shrimp, peanut sauce, broken.

For the most part Nudi is consistent, as humans, most of us are consistently inconsistent; therefore, your dish may vary from one visit to the next. It’s okay, you’ll survive.

heat tray

quail eggs, always a good time

Occasional Failure

Please don’t order the pad thai! Super saccharine sweet.

take a walk: scotch, st. germain, lemon, egg white

There is a great bar up the street. I have a well documented disdain for sharing the names of establishments that I frequent, but if you’re wise, you’ll find it. Years ago many people bore their elbows deep in the sea foam counter and made a dent for you, enjoy yourself and be kind.


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