the story of how I climbed way up to the 44th floor and then fell all the way down but didn’t quite squish myself

I’m rattling around Alphabet Town these days. My new professional gig provides a vantage point for the big possibilities in life that can so often dampen and darken if you stand out in the elements too long or turn the volume too low.

"do do du dut do do du dut" - Suzanne Vega

“do do du dut do do du dut” – Suzanne Vega

Today I dropped into the Pearl District for lunch at Byways Cafe. I listened to “Left This World” by La Sera on my headphones, volume all the way up, and I thought about New Things, Old Things, and Things I Haven’t Seen Yet. These concepts are all around me as I swim upstream – gathering strength for the next invertebrate drift.

Now You Are New

For Now, You Are New

At 2:00pm on a Wednesday Byways Cafe is as locals-only as Yur’s Tavern up the street. I chatted with a few people at the counter about our respective books and gazed in wide-eyed wonder at the awesome interior.

You Are Exactly As You Should Be

You Are Exactly As You Should Be

I settled into one of my main Life Skills, ordering.

You Are An Arnold Palmer It Is Too Early For John Daly

You Are An Arnold Palmer It Is Too Early For John Daly

Whatever the importance of ordering as a Life Skill, it’s infectious. The two people on either side of me replicated my selections without hesitation.

Multnomah Melt  - You Are Fresh Fruit

Multnomah Melt – You Are Fresh Fruit

Twice grilled Challah, smoked turkey, ham, havarti, red onion, avocado. This is about as perfect a sandwich as I can imagine. My Life Skill brethren and I jawed into this serenely cloudy lunch, melty and giddy. The waitress behind the counter beamed while espousing how good three Multnomah Melts smell when lined up together.

At the end of The Hudsucker Proxy, the movie responsible for the origin of the post title, Moses The Clock Man shoves a broomstick into the gears of a large clock allowing time to stop and the hero of the story to live; not only to survive, but to commune with an Angel of Advice. Life braces and the weather keeps falling. On my terms, this is exactly what Peace is about. For the past few weeks the Hudsucker finale has played over and over, both waking and sleeping, on the Super 8 reel in my brain.

Whoever my Moses is, wherever the realm my Moses inhabits, whatever Moses had to shove in the grinding gears of my life to keep me from squishing myself, to suspend me in truth and grace; I am deeply and extraordinarily thankful.

May we all have lunch every Wednesday.

*a very special birthday to my best friend extraordinaire, and Clock Man Contender, Mr. John Waggoner Junior.*


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