hey hey lily day

I’ve blown a few endorphins in my life. Spent them on rich food, fine wine, great literature, George T. Stagg, playing my anger like an instrument, cheap tacos, being despondently and inconsolably sad, numerous days of solitude in the desert, Ancient Age, being blissfully and serenely happy, bad poetry.

like a pig in mud

like a pig in the mud

Last weekend I found a place to settle down with a superfriend who recently completed a 30-day cleanse (an anti-inflammatory diet which is restrictive of many foods, no caffeine, no sugar, no hooch). The sheer fact that she would choose to spend time with me during and after her trial is worthy of a medal in bravery and restraint.

The earth has angels all too few.And heaven is overflowing.

jumping off

Lily Day Cafe is sandwiched between Foster and Powell. It’s owned by the genius goddesses who once owned Dot’s Cafe, a darkened parlor of fries and Strongbow, the very best kind. Their new path is bright and well-curated; yardsticks lining the wainscoting, true tchotchke placed in cozy corners.


note the wallpaper

You don’t have to spend many endorphins at Lily Day, you can if you want to, but it’s okay to just chill out. The majority of the menu is based on sandwiches that are paired with a dip, or perhaps a dunk.

you've dialed my number, i 'm answering

you’ve dialed my number, i’m answering

Chorizo, cotija, as if my spirit was floating around the kitchen offering suggestions, there is corn in this. Life is a hollow room without corn in sandwiches. The dunk for this offering is a tomatillo green sauce. This is an off-menu sandwich, A Special, if you will.

Cleansed Colleen ordered, in addition to the pear puree-raspberry liquer-cava cocktail pictured up-post:

baked egg

baked eggs, bacon, goat cheese, blueberry yogurt dunk, giant orange slice

On the subject of how and where to spend your endorphins, just look at this adorable cocktail menu. Lily Day has something precious to say:

grape fizz

don’t stay underground too long

So gosh darn cute. I tried the Spirited Coffee which balanced like an expert aerial yoga instructor.

gingham coaster. gingham. coaster

gingham coaster. gingham. coaster.

Maybe you’ve noticed a recent trend in posts featuring raving accolades for my friends. You are well read and perceptive.  Colleen is endlessly giving, supportive and encouraging. She will blast Cat Power with you, she will stroke your hair while you sob. Colleen is a lady who holds you close. Her beauty is rivaled only by the gale-force of her kindness. If you have any questions about healing or health, herbs or honesty, she gives outstanding advice on all subjects – a professional massage therapist and holistic guide who can school you on all aspects of endorphin expenditure. You can find her services here, or in Lily Day Cafe most Saturday afternoons.


2 responses to “hey hey lily day

  1. Have you tried midpoint food and drink that took over lily day cafe?

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