past the last exit


Happy Labor Day, Columbus Day, All Saints’ Day, Veterans, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Epiphany from Bunny Bread Surprise.

I have been absent but I went on a small mission this week and I thought of you.

East to 82nd Avenue, where I once lived in a tiny trailer with a tiny dog who would jump out of the tiny window when I wasn’t home. So much demolition and construction has occurred in the past 12 years that I can no longer tell where my trailer once stood. I can only look around wistfully and think, “somewhere over there.” But never mind the past, this is a post about the future, and lobsters, and things being smoothed.


I’d never had a lobster roll before. I’ve had lobster and bread and butter but never assembled the way they do in Maine with large cockroaches-of-the-sea freshly plucked from local waters. So I corrected that:


This food cart imports lobster from Maine three times a week! Take that sustainable eating! They are located in the Cartlandia pod just off the Springwater Bike Trail, which is very ecologically sustainable so everything evens out. There will be a bit of a line so place an order at the window and they will give you a number:


Fourteen dollars and 5 minutes later you are rewarded for your efforts, which are very few, you have done absolutely nothing to deserve such finery.


Three times in my Portland tenure I’ve happened upon a meal that nearly brought me to tears. The first two involved pizza (duh) the third is this lobster roll. It’s just a simple hot dog bun loaded with hunks of the finest, freshest lobster you can get on the West Coast. Every bite tastes deeply of the saline sea. Not in the same way oysters do, this lobster tastes a bit more…ancestral. The sandwich is decked with clarified butter and comes with a side of chips, coleslaw, lemon wedges. Pairs dead-on with a cold lemonade. It all works together to pull at the old rusty heartstrings, strumming them hard, rubbing those rough craggy edges.


Here’s to the bright untouched future. Happy New Year.



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