back to wonderland 

Occurred to me this past week that this food diary has become a repository for my pictures of mollusks; which I am fine with, for they simply cannot be celebrated enough.

Henry’s Old Fashioned with four roses single because I was in a mood.

St. Helen’s sheep (Adna, WA) with pickled raisins. Mustard seeds were added whole to the brine, syrupy with just the right texture to play with the cheese.

Another collection with a wonderful face: barron point, baywater sweets, block h, penn cove selects — mignonette de Campari.
 salmon gravlax: pickled spring onion, labneh, clove, bay leaf. I’m fairly hesitant when it comes to clove but this worked to impart a slight musty turn which added complexity to the labneh.

sea wolf bakery

A final round of henderson inlet and blue pools.

the walrus and the carpenter

4743 Ballard Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98107


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