DON and Done

Don is a new Korean restraurant on Tate St.  I LOVE Korean food.  This new restaurant is owned by the same Korean brothers who own Sushi Republic up the street.  Until recently the brothers operated a smaller sushi restaurant in the location that now houses Don.  In fact, throughout the course of our meal several people walked in expecting sushi and walked out after asking directions on how to get 40 paces up the street.  Fools.  The brothers who own both joints are really great guys.  Once, when my sister Anna and I were dinning in the old sushi restaurant they accidentally towed my car, Anna cursed them out, and they gave us a ride to the tow yard in their really nice Audi sportscar.

Don’t dine at Don expecting the full Korean food experience.  Don serves hot clay pots of rice or ramen.  There is a great Korean restaurant on Spring Garden Rd. called Seoul Korean, they offer a full setting of banchan, kimchi included.  However, the presentation at Don is relaxed and fun.

All bowls are about $8.00 and if you order a rice bowl that includes a miso starter.  The miso was good, not too salty, tofu and seaweed included.  Don’t get too excited.


Please DO get excited about the main corse.  I had the spicy tuna rice bowl and I LOVE the wooden boxes that surround the too hot to touch clay pot.  These wooden bowls are suspiciously absent at Seoul Korean and that is the making of a dangerous dining experience.  I enjoy grasping a hot bowl of food and the wooden box make it possible when dining at Don.


Yum. Rice, shitaki mushrooms, carrots, cilantro, daikon and sashimi grade spicy tuna.  I was truly impressed by the quality of the tuna, so fresh.  The spoon is shaped like a paddle and you fold every thing together and the tuna cooks itself in the hot clay pot. 

Aaron ordered the vegetable rice bowl.  This bowl came drapped in newly seared fresh tofu.  Please note the obvious improvement in this photograph over the last one.  It turns out that my man is a fabulous food photographer, he has a very steady hand.


Rice, tofu, carrots, onion, cilantro, cucumber, sprouts and sesame seeds.  This kind of food is perfect for a cold winter day.  We may return tonight because it is 20 DEGREES OUTSIDE. 




One response to “DON and Done

  1. Yay yay yay. I love new food blogs, sister. I want to jump into the bowl of what Aaron ordered. Seriously. I could just swim around in it. 🙂 Jeff and I will have to check this place out. We’ll put it on our ever growing list of places to go when we get a night out. XOXO

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