Spicy Peanutty Eggplant Stew

Last week I attempted to chase a head cold away using everything in my sickness warding arsenal: water, green tea, Emergen-C, sweating at the gym (in hindsight, this is not the best idea from a public health standpoint) and a delicious eggplant stew!

First I diced about a pound of eggplant, sprinkled it with a little bit of salt and let it sit out for about 20 minutes to pull out some of the moisture so the eggplant would not be mushy.


Then I sauteed the eggplant with a sweet onion and a bunch of garlic.  I removed the mixture and set it aside.

I threw some freshly diced ginger and jalapeno into the base of my family heirloom dutch oven and I added some cumin, turmeric, and freshly pounded cardamon.


Once this mixture looked smoky and divine I added some shallots and tomato paste and stirred the whole pot for about four minutes. Here is a picture of the former stage.


I added a can of roasted diced tomatoes, 5 cups of vegetable broth, the eggplant/onion mixture, and two handfuls of green beans.  I let the content come to a boil and the I reduced the heat to medium-low.


In a separate bowl I stirred a 1/4 of a cup of all natural peanut butter until the oils were combined, then I added a ladle of the hot soup and stirred the hot mess until the consistency was uniform and silky looking.  I added the peanut starter to the stew and mixed to combine all of the ingredients.  I let the stew hang out on a warm burner for about 15 more minutes then I added the juice of half a lime and about two cups of chopped cilantro because I love cilantro.


 This was so good.  It did not prevent me from acquiring a head cold but it did provide me with delicious sustenance for the duration of my illness and I am pleased to report that I made a speedy recovery! Also, the leftovers are delicious spooned over a warm ball of brown rice!


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