Mile High Breakfast

Aaron and I just completed a work/play vacation in San Francisco.  There will be many more posts about our culinary adventures in the city of my birth.  In true culinary fashion, let’s start with breakfast.

In a lucky twist of fate (these happen a lot when you date Aaron Sams) the S.F. Hilton botched our room reservations.  They quickly fixed the problem and offered us 5 days worth of free vouchers for breakfast at the City Scape, the restaurant on the 46th floor.  We scooped the vouchers off the counter and as we headed to the room Aaron groaned, “I can’t believe you made such a big deal about the reservation mix-up.” To which I replied, “Whatever!  Free breakfast!”  Every day Aaron and I would wake up early and head for the elevators.  The breakfast was quite different then my usual Kashi and 1% milk, or Aaron’s usual breakfast of, umm, nothing?

Brioche rolls, dried cherries and swiss cheese make a delicious free breakfast!  I also loved the smoked salmon and oatmeal.  I still have the vision of Aaron with a full mug of coffee and a huge wine glass of orange juice digging into a plate of eggs, muffins, and cream cheese.  We never do breakfast this way at home.  I miss these lucky mornings, smiling at each other as the view wipes the sleep from our eyes.  Breakfast buffet food is rarely outstanding but I enjoyed the opportunity to try something different everyday though neither of us ever did belly-up to the omelet bar.  In hindsight, the calories we comsumed during were meaningless. What we were really eating was the view.

Up next, Hi-Lo Clam Chowder!


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