Picnic to D.C.

Cafe Car on the way to D.C. to see Aaron’s family. I love traveling by train. For $6.00 we purchased the GoPicnic snack box. Organic ingredients, allergy sensitive selections and a little red checkered napkin for effect.  Aaron and I abstain from fast food on the principle that it is mass produced for over comsumption.  Also, I don’t like to eat from boxes but we made an exception for this picnic box and gleefully riped through the contents like a 5 year old with a Hapy Meal. Fun times.

Cinnamon pita chips, a jar of no sugar added blackberry jam, lavash, soy nut butter, baby food mango applesause, an ounce of Swiss cheese and an EmergenC. Not bad for $6.00 and two hours of snacking food.

I also enjoyed seeing. . .

Two beautiful items at the USDA farmer’s market, these apples were impressive and a welcome sight after ascending from the Smithsonian Metro stop.

A **glaring** ginseng culture at the Museum of Natural History.  This was located in the Korean culture exhibit. 30 square feet of inspiring Korean carpentry and folk art. I only wish the exhibit were larger.

I took this picture for my Mom!

My kindred soldiers who are busy bickering in the Hirshhorne sculpture garden for all eternity. LOVE THEM!


NEXT UP: Watching Anna throw pizza!


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