A Goodbye Blogroll

My good buddy, Sarah Humpal, left for Grad School in Chicago last week.  ::sniffs::

I’ve kept a folder on my desktop for a few months and every time I come across anything to do with Chicago and food I drag it to the folder.  I asked my older sister, also named Sarah, who lived in Chicago for several years to add to my list.  Well, Sarah H. is officially gone so it’s time to empty out the folder, this act feels bittersweet but my mood is elevated by the fact that I get to do one of my favorite things – offer guidance and advice on a subject I know nearly nothing about!

My sister and her husband highly recommend this family of Italian restaurants. I recommed the carry-out option because you are a big time Grad student now and Red Baron freezer pizza might not be the same without Southern hummidity or the ennui of a full time job.

This place is all over various food blogs touting a great steak and an even better chimichurri.

Humpal! We never got to go out for Korean food!! Oh well, eat a kimchee omlette and think of me.

My sister Sarah LOVES this noodle shop. She took me there once when I visited her and it was really great!

This place gets lots of press for their burritos! I like the sound of this place, note the third comment – Dumpy Joint Great Burritos.

Sarah H. knows all about Hot Doug’s, I’m just linking this as my own personal shortcut.  Also, when I am in Chicago I am so going here!

This place looks awesome! Sadly, Humpal is not a big fan of sweets. 😦

Alinea! I need to make our reservations for next year!  I’ve loved many blog entries about this place. Here, herehere, and the upcoming Alinea cookbook!

Well, that empties the folder. Good news: I’ve increased my desktop capacity.  Bad news: I still really miss my friend.


2 responses to “A Goodbye Blogroll

  1. Greetings from Omaha!

    I’m sorry I missed you on my recent trip to g-boro.

    If you are thru Omaha, you stop by and see me, ya’ hear?

    Sarah’s Mom

  2. thank you, thank you, friend. i will keep you informed of all of my eating (and otherwise) adventures.

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