The Berkeley Diet

A blackboard in China, pretty much spot on.

For several years Aaron asked me questions about the time I spent living in Berkeley, CA.  I have lots of interesting stories about my time in the East Bay but he was mostly interested in the food commerce.  You see, Berkeley has several fast food restaurants but none of them are drive-throughs. You can stop by a McDonalds, if you insist, but you have to get out of your car to do so.  Exactly two years ago Aaron and I started the “Berkeley Diet” it consists of not siting in drive-throughs and, by extension of that, abstaining from fast food.

One of my favorite responses to the “Berkeley Diet” came from a friend who exclaimed, “Not even Bojangles?!?” No, not even Bojangles.

It’s not a weight loss plan, clearly one can consume equal amounts of crap in the privacy of their kitchen. It’s about not sitting for your food, and not indulging in food that came from a large cardboard container that sat in a warehouse in the Midwest for who knows how long.  It’s also about not risking the chance of being in a drive-through line behind a man in a Cadillac when he experiences some kind of coronary/diabetic episode and passes out in line with his car running. That really happened to me, true story.


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