Alternate ideas for Amanda’s Halloween costume.

My neice, Amanda, has a bee costume ready for tomorrow night.  When I visited last weekend everytime my sister, Sarah, came near her daughter with the antennae hat or fuzzy yellow and black bodice Amanda would screech, “NnnnnOOOOO!”

Here are some ideas for alternate costumes, brought to you by Bunny Bread Surprise because I really don’t think she is gonna wear that get-up.





And my favorite!


In other news, I will be participating in this year’s NaBloPoMo. That’s right folks, November is National Blog Posting Month and I will be celebrating by, um. . .posting!  Posting every day! Grab your reading glasses and a doggy bag!


One response to “Alternate ideas for Amanda’s Halloween costume.

  1. This is my favorite blog. Ever. You will be happy and surprised to know that Amanda ended up loving her bee costume and she paraded all around the neighborhood yelling “fun, fun, fun” and pointing to everyone she saw saying “friend!” Bless her extrovertedness is all I have to say.

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