On the subject of “Monsters” and “Blasts”

I have a new breakfast:

2 scoops soy protein


1 cup raw spinach

2 Tbs Oats

1 c soy milk

4 ice cubes

Serves 2

In other corners of the internet these simple shakes are called MONSTERS. Why?

My favorite Pilates studio (who can usually do no wrong in my eyes)  is hosting a fitness challenge this month. The optional accompanying dietary cleanse is called a BLAST. Why?

I understand that we are surrounded by EXTREME fitness marketing, I just have a distaste for the concept. In a search to be good to our bodies and our selves why are we tempted to digest fictional horror characters? What or who are we “blasting”?

Instead of blasting and fasting why are there not more health campaigns to nourish and sustain? They are out there, just not nearly as popular and it bums me out.

If there is anything I have learned about self-acceptance it’s that it can only be achieved by omitting self-harm. It’s a simple concept that, like breakfast, can quickly become unnecessarily complex.



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