The Lotus Blossoms

My favorite vegan breakfast parlor closed down. I walked up to the door, read the closed sign and cried. Aaron refuses to admit defeat and insisted we explore other vegan options that we would love as much. We tried brunch at The Blossoming Lotus and were not disappointed.


pancakes with fresh fruit and nuts, housemade jam, soy butter, maple syrup, house-made apple sauce


Lotus Benedict - spelt biscuits, maple peppered seitan, roasted butternut hollandaise, arugula, tomato, steamed kale

Real Talk: my olde vegan parlor (RIP) made The Best Spelt Biscuits. These didn’t quite measure up?  The seitan is RAD and the butternut hollandaise is tremendous. I think the spelt biscuits could have been baked longer? Y’all know I don’t speak ill of food unless I can do a better job myself so I’m trying my hand at spelt biscuits this weekend and will report on my research.

Real Talk Too: The service at The Blossoming Lotus is so heart warming. Kind, funny, not pushy. If you ever tire of surly morning service just visit this place to be elevated.


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