I’ve Unlocked Brunch

Back in time: Chicago, November 2011. The Publican. Sunday Brunch.

Bloody Mary / Side Cars / Coffee

This is a popular spot in Fulton Market where they ring a bell every time a patron buys the bartenders a six-pack. A ton of work went into designing the interior of this place and it shows. Feats of brute strength go into the food –

Pork Rinds / Mimosa

Ricotta Pumpkin Walnut Bread / Figs / Mint

Sirloin Steak / Fennel / Apple / Truffle / Knife

Duck Hash / Eggs

While enjoying this meal with my buddy, Sarah, a little restaurant back home in Portland placed the final touches on their own well designed space and banging food executions.

Enter The Woodsman Tavern – It’s safe to say these two restaurants are defined by similarities as well as differences, you can’t ring a bell and buy the bartender a six-pack (or can you?!) but there is a singularity of experience that allows these restaurants to bro down with one another from a sizable geographic distance.

Stumptown Cold Brew on the Gun

The Woodsman is the brain child of  Stumptown Coffee founder, Duane. I have no doubt he spent some time in The Publican envisioning his final product.

Bottle Aged Bloody Mary / No Side Car

These pictures are from 4 visits to The Woodsman because, unlike The Publican, I can walk there. It’s dangerous. I went to their very first brunch service and it’s only improved over time. However, the Bloody Mary once had sherry in the mix. It think this changed recently? Bring back the sherry.

Biscuit / Country Ham / Eggs / Kale

My brunch friends always order this dish and the ham is typically from Johnson Country, TN. After sampling a biscuit once or twice I can attest that The Woodsman does not serve a Yankee’s biscuit. Nice work.

I usually order this:

Fanny Bay / Fresh Horseradish / Champagne Mignonette

Or this,

Oven Pancake / Smoked Meyer Lemon Marmalade / House Ricotta / some kind of nut

Half Grapefruit / Burnt Honey

The tall drink in the background? That’s a Michelada with Sangrita, Lime Juice, Mezcal, Beer, and Spicy Salt. Be careful! Tread lightly! You have a whole day ahead of you!

Best Buds / Awwww

But really, truly, both are great places to be. I also have to mention how great the service at The Woodsman is – it’s really good, which is important for a place slinging oysters for $16 a half-dozen! Makes it worth it!

They also have fun:

Celebrating Tony Iommi's birthday. Sabbath on the Sabbath.



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