the peanut butter of the sea

Last night I watched ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi‘ and as a result I’m not thinking about food so much, mostly I am thinking of lineage, passion, work, wisdom, and art. Buried in these lessons that Jiro embodies so effortlessly there is a tale and cry for sustainability; so we can enjoy sushi and those who create it far into the future. If we act wisely we should still be able to source fish, sunshine, and four season weather even after we have the last name of Jetson and fly a Hovercraft to work.

A friend and I dined at Bamboo Sushi recently, they are well-known for their staunch commitment to sustainability. They even made a beautiful little movie about the process, complete with miniature nigiri.

edamame, ginger salt

Pear Gimlet

Serious Business

imo koroshi - roasted yam press box, garlic soy butter, sesame chili powder

Santa Barbara Uni - The Peanut Butter of the Sea

Creamy, sea flavor, golden texture, in the top 5  of my favorite foods. I didn’t try uni until I was nearly 30, that’s 29 lost years. Sustainable seafood is not cheap, and it shouldn’t be, being careful and thoughtful takes time – as does the pursuit of art and the never-ending goal of creative perfection.


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