it’s only a bargain if you want it

I have one of those new friends where entire conversations consist of “WHY are you so awesome?!” It reminds me that there is nothing better than friends, nothing finer than well humoured people who laugh at you and with you. Friends who scream at you and remain funny. I’m into it.

A few weeks ago after eating trout,  oysters, and ham while dying of laughter we went to the market next door and the man behind the counter pulled a serious Hard Sell and I walked out with a $6.50 bag of pasta and a $7.00  JAR OF TOMATO SAUCE.

Parcels of Refinement or Stupidity?

Trofie is a handmade pasta and the package suggests boiling 5 liters  of water slowly, adding a pinch of salt and then stirring with a wooden spoon. I decided to follow these instructions:

The Boil

I boiled the pasta to just over 12 minutes. Diced up a garlic clove and let it sweat over low heat, threw the pasta in there, added about two tablespoons of ricotta, and then added the astronomically priced pasta sauce.

Garlic Lady Fights The Patriarchy

Garlic and I have an interesting relationship because I know I  love garlic and food tastes  great to me if there is garlic involved but that is  the limit of my ability to explain the appeal.  My vocabulary dulls when I try to describe the textural and olfactory properties of garlic flavors and I would not pass a blind taste test involving this wondrous Allium Sativum. Actually, many things I am extremely fond of transcend my description of their appeal so garlic fits right in.

only hits, no misses

I enjoyed this meal with a really cheap glass of Chardonnay to even the playing field. My dinner soundtrack included side A of a current favorite record and this pasta was well worth the sticker shock, especially considering it fed me for four meals.

Next Up: Penultimate Pimento Cocktails


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