Sorry I Missed Your Birthday.

This little blog turned 6 years old at the beginning of May. Celebrations are great excuses. Today I spent the morning in ADA accommodation meetings which is really not a horrible way to spend a Saturday. After work I took the bus to the Pearl District, the ninth circle of hell, and went shopping at Anthropologie where I always feel like Theseus, having to clutch and follow a rope to insure finding ones way out of the labyrinth. Oven and Shaker is a few blocks over so the blog and I decided to Happy Hour.

Pepper Smash #2 -mint, Aquavit, lime juice , maple syrup, yellow bell pepper juice ;

Let’s talk ice, it’s important. This is nicely crafted and surely frozen in-house but I found myself having to hold back the cubes so they wouldn’t knock out my front teeth. I would like to drink this in a taller glass, that’s all. Same drink, different vessel. Due to the kick of mint that brings out the sweetness of the pepper I would definitely drink this again. Krogstad’s Aquavit always has nice things to say.

radicchio, parmigiano, rosemary-sage croutons,

Nobody will ever shut up about this salad. It’s served at Nostrana, it actually belongs to her, and it blends bitter, creamy, earthy so perfectly.

Fava shoots, chilli-onion jam, pecorino, green olives

Seasonal selection pie and the fava shoots are verbena-y and green tasting even after a solid char, mild spice, top excellent cheese that did not overwhelm with salt leaving most of the pie’s salinity to the olives.

When I walked to this restaurant I was in an excellent mood; wind in my hair, life at my feet, marveling at the ideal of dignity and how maybe, just maybe, it’s a replenishing well that can sustain good fortune through multiple perils and trials. After entering Oven and Shaker I realized I’d walked through NW with my fly down. It was around the time this pizza showed up that I started to feel a bit better about myself.


True test of any cocktail program is their Old Fashioned. This nailed it, great pour, vintage vibe garnish. Ungh.

Service here is aces, really accommodating boarding on rewarding. My waiter helped me qualify the logistics concerning the BEST way for him to package my leftovers so that they fit into my shopping bag without turning my clothes into pizza.

Cheers! Sorry I missed your birthday.


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