the bells of saint mary’s aren’t bells at all

I attended Elastic{ON} last week, the event is hosted by an infamous technical stack that actualizes data, built by a self-titled company. And when I say “self-titled” I mean they are trenchantly branded, no distinction between a user and a buyer.

Trade shows are always trade shows. When I worked as a product manager for a wholesale coffee roastery in the early 2000s their pop-ups were similar. Lots of addicts hocking their wares, over-caffeinated and shakey. The same was true in the leadership development field which occupied my time and energy in the mid and late 2000s. Vast concrete spaces selling you whatever they have: a nifty compresso double-tamper/a tomb of alphaish psychology/a cloud that nearly rains data. 



 Pineapple Spritz at The Slanted Door

(all hail the mocktail)

The Zenpine at Hog Island. 

See: Old Salts.

Buster Posey :: Linchpin




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