feedback ramen 

A few hours ago I had a heated, public, rush hour conversation with the poor bastard who inherited the thankless task of teaching me how to develop financial software: real-time trades! Cash transfers! RISK! Documentation! Blotter code!

We typically try to discuss these things over ramen.

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya, NW Cedar Falls

We all know I’m far more of a poet than a technologist, yet here we are; two tall people, gesticulating wildly on a sidewalk, blocking the entrance to a restaurant, volleying the plausibility of low hanging sFTP fruit. 

Marukin, SE Ankney.
Does anyone have the information that I need? I am never convinced that anyone has the information that I need. I have learned this is a systemic condition that I can now blame on working in software. 
Noraneko, SE Water (spoiler: it’s the best)

Is all help charity in disguise? There are people who do so much more with so much less; therefore, I must not need your assistance. I’ve learned this is a systemic condition that has absolutely nothing to do with software.
Noraneko Purism
(don’t forget the soupy dumplings)


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